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the same-sex marriage question. gary bauer, a conservative, if there ever was one, was asked on sunday if the country's support of same-sex marriage would hurt the gop. watch this and his response. >> do you worry that this only puts the republicans out of touch with the mainstream voters? >> no, i'm not worried because the polls are skewed, chris. >> the polls are skewed? that's the answer every time the polls go against them, that they are skewed? >> well, listen, that was what we heard going into election, any poll that showed democrats winning the national election, those polls were skewed, the polls ever were skewed. it's not a question of polling. it's a question of progress and it's a question of how younger americans feel about this issue versus older americans and we're starting to hear republicans, other than gary bauer, use different language around this issue. they are no longer saying, can't we agree that good people can agree on this issue? it's a much softer rhetoric. younger republicans and conservatives more than doubled their number on this issue. it's a significant c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1